Women on the Rise by Amy Venner-Hamdi (Paperback) plus Hat

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Are you in a career that is leaving you frustrated and unfulfilled? Do you wish that you could explore your passions, but find yourself worrying more about surviving to the next paycheck? Then Women on the Rise: The 7 Ways Women Are Rising to Their Rightful Power and Bringing Men Along With Them is what you need.

Amy Venner-Hamdi skillfully weaves her own personal experiences with facts and figures that support how far women have come in terms of building influence and power in the political, social, and business arenas. She also explores the myths and stereotypes that women still contend with after all these years and how you can break through them to live the life of your dreams.

Additionally, Amy explores the realities of women and leadership, from the political arena to the boardroom. As the President of her own company, she shares her story of growth and encourages other women to reach out for leadership positions both in business and socially.

Right from the start, Amy focuses on opening your mind to what women have already accomplished, while acknowledging there is still much that needs to be done. Then, she concentrates on giving you tools to create change in your life, while inspiring you with stories from her own life and those of other Women On The Rise.

From practical advice to inspiration, this book gives you a feeling of hope and joy for the future and all of its possibilities for women and men!



Amy Venner-Hamdi is the president of Purium, an author, a public speaker, and founder of the Million Mom Movement. She lives in California and is married with two daughters.

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Women on the Rise by Amy Venner-Hamdi (Paperback) plus Hat
Retail: $33.35

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