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Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation - EpiGenius Family

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Product Benefits

Truly transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and a more balanced mood — with Ep-Genius! The products in this 30-day program will nourish and detoxify your body with vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, gut health, organic super fruit and natural colon cleansing support.

  • Replace 2 meals per day (for less than $11 per day)
  • Choose your schedule style ( 3 options )
  • Great for intermittent fasting
ULT - EpiGenius Family Includes:
  • 2 Epi-Genius Family
  • 2 Super Amino 23
  • 1 Super CleansR - 80 ct
  • 2 Apothe-Cherry
  • 1 Biome Medic
  • ZinC-ADE
  • 1 Stainless Blender Bottle
  • Lifestyle Guide
  • ULT Placemat with Tracker & Helpful QR Codes

Suggested Use/Ingredients


Power Shake Apple-Berry: Ingredients: Organic Rice Bran Extract, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Spirulina, Organic Millet, Organic Carrot Juice Powder, Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder, Organic Amaranth, Organic Alfalfa Leaf Juice Powder, Organic Oat Grass Juice Powder, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Quinoa, Organic Raspberry Flavor, Organic Apple Flavor, Luo Han Guo Berry Extract, Organic Chia Seed.


Power Shake Original: Organic Rice Bran Extract, Organic Carrot Juice Powder, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Spirulina, Organic Millet, Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder, Organic Amaranth, Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder, Organic Oat Grass Juice Powder, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Quinoa, Organic Chia seed.


Epi-Genius Family: Proprietary Organic Vegan Protein Blend (Organic Pea Protein, Organic Hemp Protein), Proprietary Organic Anti-Oxidant Fruit & Berry Blend (Organic Apple, Organic Acerola Extract, Organic Acai, Organic Amla, Organic Black Currant, Organic Blackberry, Organic Blueberry, Organic Lemon Juice Powder, Organic Maqui Berry, Organic Pomegranate Juice Powder , Organic Raspberry, Organic Strawberry, Organic Tart Cherry), Proprietary Functional Fat Blend (Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil, Natural Vitamin E from Sunflower Oil Powder), Proprietary Algae Blend (Organic Spirulina, Organic Chlorella, Algal D (Vegan Vitamin D3)), Organic Guar Gum Soluble Fiber, Proprietary Biome Medic™ Gut Health Blend (Digestive Wheat Germ Extract Powder, Chicory Root Fiber Extract, Fulvic & Humic Acid Blend, Lactospore® (Bacillus coagulans 225 million CFU)), Proprietary Organic Vegetable Blend (Organic Broccoli, Organic Cabbage, Organic Carrot, Organic Kale, Organic Parsley, Organic Spinach, Organic Sweet Potato), Digezyme® Enzyme Blend (α-amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase), Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Powder, Organic Flavoring, Organic Luo Han Guo Berry (Monk Fruit) Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt. DigeZyme® and Lactospore® are registered trademarks of Sabinsa Corp.

Biome Medic: Ingredients: PrebioSure™ Digestive Wheat Germ Extract, Chicory Root Fiber Extract, HumicSure™ Fulvic & Humic acid blend, Lactospore®; Other Ingredients: Cellulose capsule Lactospore® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corp.


Apothe-Cherry: Ingredients: Organic Sour/Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate.

Super Amino 23: Ingredients: L - Leucine, L- Lysine Acetate, L - Valine, L - lsoleucine, L - Phenylalanine, L -  Threonine, L -  Methionine, L - Tryptophan.


Super CleansR: Black Walnut Hull, Marshmallow Root, Clove, Wormwood, Amalaki, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Senna Leaf; Other Ingredients: Cellulose Capsule  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Levi Sobkowiak

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation - EpiGenius Kids

Patrice Dworak
Great product

Great product! Your customer service is awesome too.

Kristi H
Epi-Genius Kids Pack Is Not Just For Kids!

I absolutely love this pack and I am so grateful that they reworked it to include ZinC-ADE now! Each product in the pack is so helpful is supporting the body to function optimally AND there are now 3 products in the pack that qualify for the 3 & then Free program! Amazing!!

Mental Clarity and Family Health all in one!!

I could not have been any HAPPIER than trusting my intuition on trying out this company as a part of my healthcare regime. The Epigenius Kids protein powder was oh so delicious in our vitamix smoothies of kale from the garden, oat milk, 1 banana, and a spoonful of almond butter. The Superaminos are high quality and noticeably felt within a couple of hours. The best one for us out of the whole transformation package is the Apothecherry juice! Oh my goddess! It tastes like the true liquid of life straight from the cherry trees themselves! I feel an incredible SHIFT in my body, mind, and overall spirit with having more energy and creativity flowing through me than I have felt in years from feeling apathetic, sluggish, sore and stressed.

Epigenius kids is tasty!

Super chocolatey and smooth. Great flavor! My husband loves it!