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Plastic Saved To Date: 225,415 LBS

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Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation + Collagen Support

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Product Benefits

When you’re healthy it shows. And when your skin is glowing, tight and clear, it exudes youthfulness - at any age. One of the rewards of caring for yourself nutritionally, is that you can see the effects in the mirror - and people notice. 

Some say beauty is only skin deep - but they obviously didn’t understand collagen. To help you turn back the hands of time, Purium has developed the ULT + Healthy Collagen pack - so you can experience a beauty transformation from the inside out. 

The ULT Includes: 

  • Power Shake (30 servings 2 Terra Pouches) 
  • Dark Berry Protein (30 servings 2 Terra Pouches) 
  • 2 Apothe-Cherry 
  • 2 Super Amino 23
  • 1 Biome Medic
  • 1 Renew Hair, Skin and Nails 
  • 1 Stainless Blender Bottle

Suggested Use/Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kahina karyn
Holy moly!

The ULT revived me from postpartum depletion, depression, psoriasis, chronic pain and fatigue/ lethargy and The Collagen Support Pack had been a amazing!!! Where I want to have bald spots on my head, there is now hair growing in! 🙏 I've always wanted long hair but never really been able to grow it out and was losing substantial amounts after my third baby. Now it is shiny and strong! My nails are growing rapidly too.
I am in love with and committed to this potent nourishment for myself and my family. Can't not share this!
Thank you Dave and Amy! Thank you Pachamama!


I couldn’t wait to open this pack! I’ve done the standard transformation multiple times but having an option with the dark berry protein & hair skin & nail vitamin has been a game changer! I’m on Day 18 and my nails are strong & super long! My hair is growing really fast and thick!! I’ve been adding the Dark Berry to my açaí bowls for breakfast & it literally tastes like candy! I can’t wait to try out the other collagen packs next!

Linda Mankus
Collagen support

I really like the collagen support package after two weeks I noticed my nails are stronger.

ULT with Collagen

I really love giving my body what it needs to to make it’s own collagen!

Benna Douglas
Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation + Collagen Support

I think it's great. Def needs the Super Cleanser added. Disappointed that it doesn't have it. It also comes with instructions that ask you to use additional products not included which makes you feel like you're not doing it right unless you buy more product.