The $2 American Dream - by Riadh Hamdi

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The $2 American Dream is an inspirational and motivational story of free enterprise and self-leadership. It describes the determined action of one individual, Riadh Hamdi, and how he struggled to find a way to leave his home and family in Tunisia to come to America and make a better life for himself. Knowing only one English word, “job,” and with only $2 in his pocket, Riadh walked the streets of Los Angeles, knocking on doors, until someone gave him an opportunity.


Riadh’s story is one of success, of dreams turned into reality, of going from nothing to being a successful business owner who believes in giving back. And Riadh will be the first to say that you can do the same. In this book, he shares his story, his success secrets, and other successful people’s inspirational words and examples.


Readers of The $2 American Dream will discover how to:


  • Hire your dream and fire your fear.
  • Determine your why and pursue it.
  • Never give up no matter what adversity you face.
  • Discover what true freedom means to you.
  • Walk your talk and be a model for others.
  • Let others be the hero so everyone wins.
  • Develop a success mindset that will serve you for a lifetime.
  • Create Lasting memories while still pursuing your goals.


The American Dream can be yours. Let Riadh Hamdi show you how.



About Riadh Hamdi


Riadh Hamdi is an entrepreneur, health and fitness consultant, speaker, and author. He first discovered his passion for helping others when he became a personal trainer in his native country of Tunisia. Determined to create a better life for himself, Riadh came to the United States in 2000 with only $2 in his pocket and the only word he knew was “Job”. Today, he owns a chain of juice bars in Southern California, as well as a line of active wear and a brand of water. He loves his life and the many opportunities he finds to help others pursue their own dreams. Riadh currently lives in Long Beach, California, with his wife Amy, two daughters. Madilyn and Addison, and their German Shepherd, Cali.

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The $2 American Dream - by Riadh Hamdi
Retail: $24.95

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