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Super Life Formula - 90 ct

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Product Benefits

Purium’s Super Life Formula contains a variety of herb and plant extracts that have been proven to help the human body increase muscle mass, build endurance, speed muscle recovery and increase libido. We recommend combining Super Life Formula with our Super Amino 23 as part of any workout regimen.

  • May support healthy testosterone levels in men and women
  • May enhance mood or provide general sense of well-being

Committed to freeing our planet from plastic pollution, our new packaging is home compostable, for non-edible gardens and soil. Remove the label prior to home composting.



Suggested Use/Ingredients

Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules per day. 

Ingredients: Velvet Antler, Long Jack Extract (Euroycoma longifolia), Green Lipped Mussel, Cordyceps Mushroom, American Ginseng Root, Ginger Root, Oat Grass Whole Leaf Powder, Yucca Root, Ginkgo Extract 
Other Ingredients: Cellulose capsule 
Contains: shellfish 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
This is incredible

I apologize in advance this is so blunt but this product has made my sex life incredible! More energy, and definitely produces a lot of good hormones!!

It’s amazing.

It’s amazing. Especially in the benefit mentioned which you would least expect 😉

Aimee Swope

This has helped me balance my hormones and build muscle as I age!

George Ferguson
I have revived a verity of products which you have record of.

My review is that I’m following my person Camille Ferguson. She gave all the instructions on how to use the products. I followed completely. About 3 weeks in I had a Doctors appointment for my blood work. My Doctor was very happy with all the results compared to my last test 3 months prior. Sha was actually amazed. I told her what had changed I told her about the products (as much as I could remember), she said I should continue with what I was doing. My A1C went from 12.7 to 8.8 . Can’t wait for my next visit.

Kristi H
Testosterone Support

Super Life Formula has been great for testosterone support for me and my husband.