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Super Amino 23 - 150 ct

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Product Benefits


These 100% pre-digested vegan protein tablets can help build lean muscle and burn fat. A core Purium product, Super Amino 23 is featured in the Physician`s Desk Reference for rapidly absorbing protein into the bloodstream in 23 minutes.

May help:

• Create lean muscle

• Burn fat

• Increase elasticity
(tighten skin) 

• Improve mental acuity


Suggested Use/Ingredients

Suggested Use: Take 5 tablets daily preferbly with food. As an exercise aid, take 5 to 10 tablets thirty min. prior to physical activity or as directd by a health professional. If you have medical condition, are pregnant, lactating or taking medication, consult your health care professional before using this or any other nutritional supplement.

Ingredients: L - Leucine, L- Lysine Acetate, L - Valine, L - lsoleucine, L - Phenylalanine, L -  Threonine, L -  Methionine, L - Tryptophan.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 483 reviews
Best Aminos on the market!

Love these Aminos! Take them daily first thing in the morning. I don't feel as hungry throughout the day and feel more energetic. My mood is also better!

Heather Raine Edwards
Heather Raine Edwards amazing transformation ,love my Super Aminos 23's

Since I've been on these super amino 23, I have not had to go to the hospital Emerge, due to my diverticulitis and my gut seems to be better. I have had my diagnoses of diabetes removed by my DR as my A1C is now 5.4 according to my blood work. No longer need my CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. Have lost a total of 150 pounds , 45 due to my diverticulitis back in Aug and Sept, 105 pounds since being on these superfoods. No longer need my metformin diabetic medication. I am loving my life now, living life to its fullest thanks Purium for giving me my health back, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. The super amino 23 are soooooo amazing, they have sped up my metabolism and the best part is the elasticity they have provided. For someone having lost a 150 pounds I have no excess skin, its truly amazing ! Come transform with us !

The Amino 23 are special

The Aminos are one of the the items that sets this company apart from other nutritional support company's! The amino's work perfectly with my intermmitent fasting schedule so I can take them first thing in the moring with water and I am good to go till noon, knowing that the amino's are working for me in supporting my plant-based muscle maintenance and endurance. Initially they took getting used to but once I felt the shift in energy level, I now take them daily without fail.

Dalia Moxon
Like no other amino in the market

Since I’m a senior; a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are crucial. My life is compounded with routine activities, deadlines, and stress, so meal prep is a challenge. The Purium
Super aminos match my needs for protein and a balanced diet.
Research shows aminos help with maintaining muscle strength, hair growth, and better sleep. This is the expectation with Purium.

Mary C
Super Amino 23 for Energy

I love super amino 23 for energy and a clean source of protein. My body feels so good when I'm regularly taking them.