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Plastic Saved To Date: 213,389 LBS

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Silicone Bag

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Product Benefits

Storing your Terra Pouches just got easier. Preserve your freshly opened Terra Pouch of superfoods with our re-usable, silicone pouch. Lower your carbon foot-print and join our commitment to going plastic-free in 2021. Note: This pouch is not biodegradable.
  • 2000ml size (9.5" x 9.6")
  • Non-toxic
  • BPA & BPS free


Silicone Bags also sold in 5 packs


This product is not returnable.


1. Place an unopened Terra Pouch inside (match the bottoms corners of the Terra Pouch with the bottom corners of the Silicone Pouch)
2. Cut the top of the Terra Pouch bag (careful not to cut the Silicone)
3. Slide the silicone bar onto to the top of the silicone pouch, and squeeze out the air to seal tightly

Cleaning Tips:
Dishwasher: Remove the seal and place silicone pouch in upper rack for best results or wash by hand. Note: The silicone pouch is dishwasher safe without the silicone seal.

Heating Tips:
Resistant Temperature: 482℉ / 250°C and -58℉ / -50°C
Before heating the silicone food bags for the first time, it is recommended that you soak them in salt water for 24 hours. WARNING: THE SLIDING SEAL IS NOT TO BE MICROWAVED. THE SILICONE FOOD STORAGE BAGS MUST BE PLACED IN THE MICROWAVE OPEN AND UNSEALED.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
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Angie N Valle
How convenient! And eco-friendly

I love how convenient and eco-friendly these pouches are. Not only is it reusable but it truly keeps our supplements as fresh as possible. Definitely recommend

Travel to go bag

Perfect bag for traveling with your green power shake. Highly recommend! Keeps it fresh and no plastic!

Love these bags.

I love these silicon bags. I used to store multiple packs of things to keep airtight. Great for travel. Opening and closing them gets easier over time.

Barbara Levan
Silicon bags

A very nice size, I live in FL, so far no bugs 🐜 thanks

Jennifer Barry
Silicon Bag

I was looking forward to using the silicon bag on a road trip I was planning. Unfortunately I could not easily ( actually at all) slide it open. I ended up giving it away and don’t plan on purchasing it again. Hard to open!