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Fulvic Zeolite – 1 oz

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Product Benefits

Zeolite, one of the few negatively charged minerals, has been synergistically combined with fulvic acid to create Fulvic Zeolite, which acts like a magnet, drawing positively charged toxins and heavy metals out of the body. We recommend combining it with any of our green foods for added assimilation and cellular cleansing.

  • Effective part of any detoxification program
  • May balance pH levels and help restore electrical conductivity in the body 

Suggested Use/Ingredients

Instructions: For adults: Hold 3 drops under tongue for 10 seconds then swallow. Or mix 3 drops with any juice or water 3 times a day. Start with one drop 3 times a day and slowly increase to 3 drops, 3 times a day over a period of 2 weeks. Best results when mixed with a green drink. *For children: take one drop a day mixed with juice or water.

Ingredients Fulvic acid, Zeolite (Clinoptilolite)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Renate Kelley

Excellent service, great products

Charlyn Fernandez & Jamie De Robles
Best I Have Found

I am really happy with this and my 2 1/2 year old and 11 year old take 1 drop daily. I am up to 3 drops a day and my partner takes daily as well. This is great for our family as a support for daily detox!

Heather Ferri
Detoxing while building my immune system!

The Fulvic Zeolite is easy to take. The drops I love and the results are even better. I am feeling healthier and stronger in my immune system everyday.

Excellent Product

I love this zeolite. It's very clean, odorless, no strong flavor, really easy to take. I give this to my kids as well and they don't mind it at all. My son has experienced a significant improvement in his health - his allergies are almost gone and no more behavioral issues. I used it as a precursor to a deep detox where I focused on ridding my body of mold, heavy metals, & parasites. It was a huge help! I highly recommend to incorporate this fulvic zeolite into your routine.

A new level of detox

I’ve recently added this to my regimen and have experienced a whole new level of detoxing. My skin is clearer and my muscle tissues are softer and less rigid.