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Fruit & Veggie+ Pack - Organic

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Product Benefits

The Power of 3
  • 3 drinks a day
  • For about $3 a day
  • In about 3 minutes a day
Experience nutrition the way Mother Nature intended. By consuming a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables, you’ll benefit from the important superfood nutrients they contain.
Purium's Organic Fruit and Veggie+ Pack makes it easier than ever to get the fruits and veggies you know your body needs every day and experience what we call, The Purium Lifestyle.
  • 1 Aloe Digest - Gas, bloating, poor digestion support
  • 1 Bio Fruit - Heart, liver, and brain function support
  • 1 Green Spectrum Lemon - Alkalize, energize, and detox

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jennifer L Schrader

The fruit and veggie pack is very tasty and I do feel more energetic.

Julie Nam

Yummy and feel healthy!
I love these set! Actually i don't eat fruit often, so it helps me a lot.
I don't feel guilty anymore to my body.^^

Life Changer

I have been on these products for about 6 months and I will continue these products and more because they’re so amazing! I’ve notice day 1 of taking, I didn’t have to stop to take a nap to regain energy because I had so much energy from all the fruit and veggies! I was able to digest my food properly. I lost inches off everywhere! My mood has improved and my mind feels clearer. I am able to workout now without my body hurting. This pack along with the pre-meal capsules is what I started with in my superfoods journey and it has led me to other products(the ULT pack, coco hydrate) that have greatly help me with nutritional support. I and my family are seeing amazing results from these products. I highly recommend! Also I have seen great improvements in my Akitas and Elkhound’s lives with the Epigenius dogs product! 🐕

Amy S
It’s great!

This is easy to use and mixes nicely with water. I just put in the powder, add water and shake.