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Dark Berry Protein Travel / Sample Packs (5 pack of 5-serving pouches)

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Product Benefits

Purium’s Dark Berry protein shake makes a delicious and nutritious snack or meal. It provides 12 phytonutrient packed fruits and berries plus a full serving of organic vegan protein, and is complemented by medium chain triglycerides, ginkgo biloba, and lion’s mane. Our formula includes a full spectrum of trace minerals from fulvic and humic acids plus plant sourced Vitamin C, and supports collagen, memory, focus and vascular integrity while satisfying your hunger deliciously.

May help:

  • Collagen Production
  • Focus & Memory
  • Healthy Glucose Levels
  • Heart Health

“Fruits and herbs are the basis of our cellular survival. Purium’s Dark Berry is yet another offering from nature’s apothecary carefully crafted to create transformational change in your body.” - Dave Sandoval

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very good!

This has a more earthy taste than I was expecting, but once you get used to it, it's quite good (and I'm not sure what I was expecting). It blends nicely, and isn't too thick. Many protein powders, you use the recommended amount and feel like you are drinking a sludgy thick drink - this is the perfect consistency. The small pouches are nice for travel or to easily split up between home and the office.

Andrew Hurko
Goes Down Easy

I like it. It dissolves very well and it goes down easy. I hear it helps with collagen production. A Purium tasty winner!