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Plastic Saved To Date: 225,415 LBS

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Daily Core 4 + Immune - Customizable

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Product Benefits

Gentle way to take a first step in your transformation and begin nourishing and detoxifying your body. This pack contains Purium's 4 main products + an immune supportive product to bring your body the daily foundational nutrition it needs. ZinC-ADE is 100% whole food sourced and contains key essential nutrients to build a strong internal terrain. We suggest taking 1 serving of each product every day; no pressure to modify your existing diet. If you want to accelerate your transformation, check out the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.

  • Supports energy levels, digestion, deep sleep and mood
  • Vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, organic super fruits, and gut health
  • Recommended pack for ongoing nutrition and Smart Order
  • Provides Critical Immune Support

  • 2 Shake Options - Your Choice (15 Servings each):
    • Power Shake - Terra Pouch Apple Berry
    • Power Shake - Terra Pouch Original
    • Super Meal L.O.V- Terra Pouch Vanilla Chai
    • Super Meal L.O.V- Terra Pouch Original
    • Dark Berry Protein
  • 1 Biome-Medic
  • 1 Apothe-Cherry
  • 1 Super Amino 23
  • 1 ZinC-ADE

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Customer Reviews

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Cera C
My Favorite! Burning Man Life Saver!!

Love this pack! it's easy, simple, convenient, and gives you all the required nutrients your body needs in a day without any prep and it's the perfect pack I have my clients get when I am introducing them to a conscious lifestyle.

My partner and I also took it to Burning Man this past weekend and it was easy to travel with and kept us hydrated and nourished the entire time without creating any damage to the environment thanks to the compost packaging. Game changer! #moop #leavenotracebehind