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Cocoa Mint Spirulina - 30 Serving

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Product Benefits

All the benefits of spirulina with a great cocoa mint flavor. Organic Spirulina is nature’s ultimate whole-food multi-vitamin. It is nutrient dense, packed with protein and loaded with marine omega fatty acids. This energizing superfood is easy to digest and assimilate.  

  • Can help increase endurance and stamina
  • Rich source of carotenoids
  • May support healthy immune system function

Suggested Use/Ingredients

Suggested Use: Take 2.5 tsp (6.25g) with 6-8 oz water, your favorite creamy beverage or a smoothie, one or two times, daily.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Spirulina, Certified Organic Cocoa, Certified Organic Carob,Certified Organic Peppermint, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Organic Whole Leaf Stevia, Lo Han Berry Extract (Monk Fruit), Certified Organic Guar Gum.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Kate E
Power shake add on for power house power shake

I make sure to never run out of this! I love adding it to my power shake, and truly feel the amazing energy bomb this power house power shake gives my body at that cellular level!!!

Rebecca Mendez

Tastes great! Chocolatey and refreshing.

Lydia Ross

Love this natural multivitamin with a better flavor !

Steven Ubert
Great taste

When I mix this and drink it I get a feeling of renewed energy and clarity of the mind. Spirulina does something positive to my body that's hard to explain. The taste is great which is true for most of the purium products I've tried.

Yummy Twist to Spirulina

Love this chocolate mint twist on Spirulina! It's super tasty by itself or put in a banana almond milk smoothie!