Calm Your Kids Pack

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Product Benefits

Calm Your Kids Pack - Double Points in October for Halloween Survival
Children are gifts, but let’s face it – sometimes they just need to CHILL out. This pack is for those crazy days and even crazier nights when everyone needs to wind down and sleep deeply. Each of these products safely supports stable and calm energy with child-friendly, herbs and superfoods (like eleuthero root and tart cherry). Not only does it help kids naturally relax, it’s just as helpful for parents, too! Right now, parents can get double the Purium Rewards points if you buy before the Halloween madness begins.
Pack Includes: 
  • In Focus  
  • CHILL Spray
  • Apothe-Cherry  
  • May help create calm behavior and supports focus
  • May promote calm, stable energy
  • May support balanced circadian rhythms for proper sleep 

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Calm Your Kids Pack
Retail: $97.00

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