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Allergy Reduction Pack

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Product Benefits

Digestive enzymes and certified-organic aloe vera and alkalizing greens can help keep your gut clean and allergy symptoms at bay. 

  • Supports healthy immune function 
  •  May help nutrient absorption
  •  May promote healthy digestion

The Allergy Reduction Pack contains: 

  •  Aloe Digest 
  •  Enzyme Advantage
  •  Green Spectrum 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Allergy pack

I notice less of a headache and not so much urgency for next otc dose. I take low dose anti histamines for pine pollen.

Helen Mckenna
Allergy Reduction Pack

I love them however, the Immunomax works best for my bad allergies. I am allergic to chocolate, shrimp, too many to mention but I take 6 capsules of the Immunomax everyday and I add the allergy reduction pack to my power shake that we (my grandson, autism granddaughter and me} drink everyday. Thank you Dave and Amy. I wish and please bring back the ease spray, please.

Ernestine Duberry
Allergy Reduction Pack

The best! My sinus is clearer! I can breathe better and sleep better. I would recommend this to any allergy sufferers ❤️❤️❤️

Veronica M Kaiser-Bonczkowski
So grateful for these products!

I am so grateful for the boost in support, my body feels stronger and I have supported my allergy symptoms.

Kristi H
My Son Has Found Relief

I bought the Allergy Reduction Product for my adult son to hopefully help him with his seasonal allergies. He honestly wasn't expecting the products to work, but he agreed to try them. Well, to his surprise, he found relief after the very first day! He's now a believer and is so grateful!