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Alkalizing Pack

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Product Benefits

Feeling balanced? Green up your diet and regulate your body’s pH levels. Counteract stress and common foods that can raise your acidic levels and may lead to inflammation, fatigue, weight gain or congestion. Easily alkalize your body with potent superfoods like aloe vera, fulvic acid and pure, raw greens. 
  • Aids in healthy pH and oxygen levels
  • May promote healthy digestion
  • May support healthy immune function

Pack Includes: 
  • Aloe Digest (aloe vera) 
  • Ionic Elements (fulvic acid and electrolytes)
  • Green Spectrum (a wide-range of greens)


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Jennifer Moyer
      Great taste!!

      These products assisted my digestive system get on the right track to detox. The aloe digest is so refreshing.

      Deirdre F.
      Delicious and refreshing

      These products are fantastic, they’re very regenerating. Don’t know how I ever lived without them before

      Christoph E.

      I love this pack. The aloe digest is so great. I can say bye bye to tums and pepto bismol now!!!

      Nikoll Livaccari
      Feeling so good in my body!

      The Alkalizing Pack is one of our favorites! The Aloe Digest, Ionic Minerals and Green Spectrum are my daily go to!

      Tim Voin
      Absolutely loved this

      This pack was wonderful. First time trying all of these products and I definitely felt a difference. Aloe digest was such a good combo with apothecherry. I remineralize most mornings, and the ionic elements were a perfect fit. Green spectrum was perfect to mix up my use of different superfoods, as I have a lot lol.