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40x Aloe Vera Concentrate - 4.2 oz.

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Product Benefits

Aloe Vera is one of the most revered of all African herbs and has been exported to every corner of the world. Hippocrates himself called aloe “the potted physician” for its amazing healing properties. We recommend combining it with Purium’s Apothe-Cherry.

  • Supports healthy immune function 
  • May aid in healthy digestion
  • May support healthy joint function

Suggested Use/Ingredients

Aloe Vera
SUGGESTED USE: Dilute 1 tsp into water, juice, or any beverage and drink daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Anne Wetherill
Delivery issues

I really like the products but it takes 12 days to get them. That’s too long of a process. Don’t think I’ll be ordering anything more.

Taste is very interesting...

Technically , i don't like the taste of this product.
I mix this with Apothe cherry, but still taste is wierd.
But after eat this aloe , it works for constipation.

anna krzywicki

I just began using this. I typically mix it in my power shake after my main meal to prevent any indigestion & so far so good!!

Danielle Hendricks
Love this Product

For years, people told me Aloe juice would help my gut, and I tried, but couldn't bring myself to gag down the slimy solution. This product is my miracle, it solves that slimy problem! I take it at night with the Apothecherry and dilute with water; it is delicious! It is even good diluted alone, and it's helped my gut immensely. I will take it for life!

Amy Knew
Excellent prodcut

I was using this to help with some joint pain. I felt like it gave me a little relief. I used it in my water with lemon and didn't notice a taste.