Vision. Mission. Values. Team.


Our vision is to heal the world.

It starts with cleaning up our food system.

It includes expanding financial opportunity through the free enterprise system.

And it’s grounded in a community of caring people who set out to make a difference every day.


“The Million Mom Movement” is the driving force behind our mission.

We want to empower 1000 women, in 100 communities, to help 10 families each

eat cleaner and greener. That will change the daily lives of 1,000,000 families.





We have 6 core values that drive our business.

They are posted on the walls of the corporate office.

They guide every decision we make.


Core Value No. 1: Quality

Upholding the highest standards.


Core Value No. 2: Customer Oriented

Doing whatever is reasonably possible to please our customers.


Core Value No. 3: Integrity

Keeping promises and not compromising.


Core Value No. 4: Responsibility

Owning our behaviors and decisions.


Core Value No. 5: Respect

Appreciating views from all perspectives.


Core Value No. 6: Teamwork

Working together to achieve common goals.





While Purium Corporate feels like a small, family-owned business, the 12-department company employs well over 100, dedicated individuals.


David Sandoval

Co- founder & Visionary


In the early years of the whole foods movement, David Sandoval researched and studied alongside the most recognized industry leaders from around the world. This knowledge inspired Purium in the US and Platinum Health Europe, as well as his book The Green Foods Bible. After more than twenty years, David remains committed to the latest research and whole food advancements. He takes great pride in living a life that authentically reflects his love for the earth and its people.


Amy Venner-Hamdi

Co-Founder & President


Over two decades ago, Amy Venner-Hamdi began her health career working in a nutritional store. Specializing in purchasing and customer service, she teamed up with David and a budding Organic by Nature to oversee operations. Now the President of a much larger company, Amy has built a management team to execute and oversee day-to-day operations while also ensuring that the company evolves with technology and high standard certifications. Her greatest reward other than her husband and two daughters, has been knowing that we have made a significant impact on hundreds of thousands of people’s lives with the products that we manufacture.


David Litt

Vice President of Sales & Marketing


David Litt has been a major catalyst for Purium’s growth over the past 7 years, putting it on Inc. Magazine’s list of 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America – for 4 years in a row. Not only has his diverse experience in senior-level sales benefited thousands of entrepreneurs, but it led to Purium’s revolutionary business-model with the unique Gift Card program. Successfully translating Dave and Amy’s vision into an actionable plan with tangible results, David continues to strategize and institute new programs that remain true to trends and are easily duplicated by distributors. When he isn’t hosting weekly training calls or developing a new plan, he can be found spending time with his wife and 2 sons, playing poker with friends or practicing magic card tricks.


Bruno Lucidarme

Chief Financial Officer


“I love being part of the Purium family because it is a company that offers a truly unique value proposition: it supports my personal belief in a fit and healthy lifestyle by offering the highest quality and purest products on the market; it also offers an unlimited earnings potential for anyone interested in sharing the Purium lifestyle.

One of my favorite quotes: “Doubt will take you out of action, action will take you out of doubt”. Time to take action and GO PURIUM!”


Ben Monroy

Chief Operating Officer


“Working at Purium has given me a sense of connection and appreciation of the greater mission that is supplying the world with the healthiest food possible. Our daily work impacts the human race in a positive way, which can be overlooked in this day and age. I am proud and lucky to work at Purium“


Bryan Gateley

Director of IT


“I absolutely love Purium and my role here. I am inspired every time I come to work, as there is always a new opportunity to make an impact on the company and the world in a positive way. Together Amy and Dave are the perfect blend of strategy and vision, and I am truly honored to be working under such passionate leaders. I am excited to continue to grow with Purium and create lasting change in the world!”





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The certifications that reflect our commitment to quality and purity.


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