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How would you like to make money and make a difference? Purium’s business model pays you to help people get healthy. If you can share Gift Cards, you can make money in this new business model! It’s that simple.


We have seen people from all walks of life earn significant part-time and even full-time income. People with no business experience. People with no nutritional experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are a stay-at-home parent, teacher, realtor, personal trainer, holistic health practitioner, retiree or student. If you have the desire to help people, you might become our next success story!



Sarah Rhinelander – 3-Star Crown

“Purium has also allowed me to feel more joy and presence with my family and the opportunity to have more than tripled our household income. This continues to inspire me to share, with my community, the beautiful mission of transforming, cleansing, and healing our bodies, our earth and our visions. I have found that building strong relationships within my organization has supported me and my team members to achieve great success. I am immensely grateful for ALL of the beautiful people who have come into my life through Purium, for every transformation I have witnessed and experienced, and for being supported on a daily basis to step more fully into my greatness. I love to help people identify and achieve goals. Together we rise and there is enough for us ALL to win, it only begins with a decision.”




Tracie Fujikane 3-Star Crown

“While working in the corporate world and for a technology sales company, I was making great money but spending all my time working in a stressful, male-dominated industry as one of the only female sales managers. I realized I was working on someone else’s dream … and although I was well-paid, I got a fraction of what the company made from my efforts. I’ve enjoyed helping each of my Purium team members create a second stream of income – especially parents. In a time when the median household income is under $55,000 a year, and an extra $500 to $1,000 can mean a significant difference for a family. Their Purium paychecks can mean that mom or dad doesn’t have to work extra nights and weekends outside the home. If we could teach more parents to leverage their time and efforts through network marketing, imagine what our communities would look like.”




Geralyn Camarillo & Arna Johnson 4-Star Crown

“We were professional photographers with a successful business, until the recession hit. After closing the business, filing for bankruptcy, and losing our beautiful home to foreclosure, we were living in a fog. Not only did Purium’s 10-day Transformation lift our physical bodies from the fog, it also brought us a new business venture. We posted photos of our transformation results on Facebook and answered the flood of inquiries that came because of it. Then, as we shared Purium’s products and business model, our mere dream of becoming six-figure income earners became a reality for us and 6 of our team leaders. We motivate our team as we stay connected through one-on-one calls, group calls, video conferencing, business planning sessions, incentive programs and simply being an example. On top of the health benefits of releasing weight, gaining clarity, releasing depression and body aches and pains – one of the biggest rewards is receiving residual income. When you help others succeed, you succeed.”




Sonia and Doug Magruder – 4-Star Crowns

“We’ve always been entrepreneurial and understood the concept of residual income because of the income stream we get from out rental properties. However, our Purium business has now surpassed the real estate income. In fact, our income from Purium is equivalent to that of 25 rental houses, but without the large capital investment. Believing in the company and its business model, we have focused on helping our team members rank advance by providing resources and specific feedback. The keys of our business – Healthy Happy Hours, three-way calls, and our gift card marketing system – provide everything you need to be successful. The people who have joined us, and the friendships we have made, have just been incredible. Plus, being able to work together as a couple on a common goal of helping others succeed has been such a fun adventure.”




Ian Farrar – 4-Star Crown

“20 years ago, I fell in love with the health and wellness industry, but network marketing wellness companies did not meet my expectations of real nutrition. After launching a nutritional brokerage that sold top superfoods to health food stores, I met Dave and Amy (the Purium owners) at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore. Here I am, years later, feeling so honored to be a founding member of Purium and still rocking in my love affair with Purium. As a competitive cyclist, Purium provides my body with what it needs on a cellular level and the freedom to race or spend time with my family. It’s not about trying to sell the products, but attracting people to you through your lifestyle and helping them achieve their goals.”




David Skultety – 5-Star Crown

“I learned about Purium when it was in its infancy and saw a unique opportunity to help shape the culture and truly make it special. In 24 months, my wife and I earned one million dollars. As a father, it has been priceless being able to see my children off to school in the morning and again when they got off the bus every afternoon. Not only do we have the opportunity to work anywhere with Wi-Fi, we also get to work with people we like, and care about. There is nothing more gratifying than helping people improve their health and win at this business. My goal is to help make Purium a household name. I want the company to become the undisputed leader in organic, non-GMO superfoods, and build organizations around the world. To do that, we need to create a leadership revolution within our company and empower people to take ownership of their lives through entrepreneurship.”


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