The future of food.

According to the Organic Trade Association, demand for organic food is growing 80 times faster than demand for non-organic food. Purium has been ahead of this trend for more than two decades. We search the globe to find the best organic and non-GMO farms for our ingredients. This farm-to-family business model cuts out the middlemen and allows us to deliver better products at a lower price to our Customers. It also allows us to pay our Brand Partners more commissions!


The future of food distribution.

What is the future of food distribution?
Here is a hint: just bought Whole Foods.
It was 10 times larger than any other acquisition the company has ever made.
Why? Because the grocery business does $800 billion in sales every year.
That’s almost $100 million every hour! is now the leading superfood manufacturer on the internet. This is your opportunity to partner direct with the manufacturer and make money offering discounted superfood products to your friends and family. We’re looking to capture just a small fraction of the $100 million in transactions that will happen over the next 60 minutes. How about you? Are you ready to get your share?


And look at the wide variety of products you can promote. Every month, people spend billions of dollars on weight loss products, billions of dollars on anti-aging products, billions of dollars on athletic performance products, billions of dollars on whole food nutrition, billions of dollars on skin care, billions of dollars on products for increasing energy, reducing stress, improving digestion, and boosting immunity. Now you can become the online superfood connection to your friends and contacts through … and get paid for sharing your gift card code. It’s that simple.


Our brand new 40,000 square foot, fully-automated manufacturing facility