Sharing, not Selling.

It’s a lot easier to share something, than it is to sell it. You can literally give someone $50 to sample any of the Purium superfood products, and then earn some cash for your referral.


When you enroll as a Brand Partner, you will choose your own virtual Gift Card code. You can text it, email it or post it on Facebook. Give a $50 Gift Card to your friend, neighbor or coworker and they can redeem it when they make their first Purium purchase ($75 minimum).



We take the order.

We ship the products.

And we do the follow-up.

Then we pay YOU the very next Friday for sharing that $50 Gift Card.

How simple is that?


All of your Customers are coded to you through your cards, so you’re rewarded every time they order their healthy non-GMO food.


That’s right, you make money giving away $50 Gift Cards.

Plus, you make money every time they eat Purium superfoods!

No other company has a social sharing system this simple and powerful.


Build an Online Customer Franchise without major start-up costs.

No inventory. No franchise fees. No employees.


You just share the gift of health through $50 gift cards.

Most people will become superfood customers.

And others will want to join you.

They get their own $50 Gift Cards and become your Partners in the social sharing economy. And you make money on purchases from their Customers as well.


This is the ultimate win-win-win.

Your Customers win by getting healthy food and saving money on every purchase.

Your Brand Partners win by earning money on these purchases.


And you win by building a network and getting paid for referrals and over-rides.

True viral marketing and true residual income!


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