Plastic Saved To Date: 225,415 LBS

Plastic Saved To Date: 225,415 LBS

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David S.

Time freedom and financial independence allows for quality at-home time with his children.

David is a professional network marketer, and he has built a business by empowering others to achieve financial independence and time freedom for themselves.

David’s role as a leader in Purium has been invaluable. His credentials afforded him the opportunity to partner with any company in the world, but it was Purium’s mission to promote Organic and Non GMO superfoods that compelled him to join. And now David is harnessing his talents to help build Purium into the category market leader.

When it comes to introducing people to Purium. David identifies their needs and interests. If they are seeking better health, he educates them on the products. If they desire an income stream, he introduces them to the network marketing model.

Beyond creating an amazing lifestyle for his own family, David finds joy in helping others do the same. “People are conditioned to believe they have to trade time for dollars, but there is a flat-out easier model we can teach them about. It’s all about empowering others to take control of their own destiny and build a lifestyle business. As a lifestyle entrepreneur, David has built his business around his priority of family first, and is super passionate about helping others achieve their dreams.